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Column: Chipotle says it raised prices to cover hourly wage hike, doesn't mention execs' huge COVID-19 bonuses
Chipotle says it must raise prices due to the minimum wage. But what about the $64 million in executive bonuses?
1 h
California is reopening. Here's what that means for you
Restrictions on how we work, shop, travel and eat will ease in California on June 15.
4 h
COVID vaccine 'passports' in the U.S.: Here's what we're getting and why
The federal government isn't willing to make a digital pass or app that attests to a person's vaccination status. Several companies are trying to fill the void.
9 h
Newsletters were supposed to be the Wild West. Enter Sheriff Google.
The newsletters business is booming, and Substack along with it. But one big thing still stands between writers and their readers: Google and its mysterious Gmail inbox filter.
9 h
Welcome to the summer of quitting. Why many of us are saying goodbye to our jobs
Pent-up demand, pandemic savings, back-to-office mandates -- experts say it will all add up to a historic wave of people leaving their jobs.
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