Over 1,000 coronavirus deaths reported in the past 24 hours. Officials fear protests will bring new outbreaks
In a little over a week, Americans have gone from taking their first hesitant steps outside again to marching in tightly-packed crowds in cities all over the country.
Giants great Michael Strahan shares thoughts on George Floyd’s death
Former Giants great Michael Strahan and Fox Sports football analyst took to social media and gave his thoughts on the death of George Floyd and where we are as a country when it comes to race relations. Strahan said he was upset about the deaths of Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor and frustrated that...
George Floyd protests in DC: Flood of National Guard troops, law enforcement blurs lines of authority
A flood of National Guard troops raises questions about who is in control as George Floyd protests continue near the White House and in Washington, DC
Today on Fox News: June 5, 2020
Kansas City announces police reform amid George Floyd protests
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City is reforming police procedures after criticism from black organizations about police conduct during nearly a week of protests as well as long-standing tension between the department and minorities, the mayor announced Thursday. A coalition of civil rights organizations demanded Wednesday that Police Chief Rick Smith be fired. But Mayor...
Dallas Police make it "duty of every employee" to stop excessive force
Police say new order was implemented, "to create a culture where what happened to Mr. Floyd does not happen again."
GOP's Mike Lee blasts claim of DC plan to evict National Guard troops from city hotels
Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, says he's hearing that Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser plans to evict at least 1,200 National Guard troops from city hotels after she clashed with President Trump over the handling of George Floyd unrest in the city.
Authors retract Lancet article that found risks in hydroxychloroquine against COVID-19
An influential medical journal article that found hydroxychloroquine increased the risk of death in COVID-19 patients was retracted on Thursday, adding to controversy around a drug championed by U.S. President Donald Trump.
Lemon slams Trump's answer to question about police violence
CNN's Don Lemon says that when President Donald Trump was asked by Fox News radio what to do about police violence against people of color, the president made the answer all about himself.
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Lawmakers Form Global Coalition to Tackle the China ‘Challenge’
"China, under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party, represents a global challenge," says Senator Marco Rubio
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NY Times revolt over op-ed would crush dissenting views
We are getting a great insight into the culture of the New York Times.
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NYC ‘Wolverine’ man charged with attempted murder
The man caught on camera chasing down Black Lives Matter demonstrators with a Wolverine-type claw in Queens is now charged with attempted murder, authorities announced Thursday.
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Cristobal takes aim at the Gulf Coast this weekend
Damaging winds and hail impact the Mississippi River Valley today while Cristobal takes aim at the Gulf Coast this weekend. Meteorologist Derek Van Dam has the latest.
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How I went from sports journalist to Sports Team guitarist
Henry Young used to be an aspiring sports journalist with CNN, interviewing Pele and Pep Guardiola, but his other love came calling and he joined a different Sports Team.
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Denver shooting involving possible ax not related to nearby protests, police say
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Three Chinese nationals sentenced to prison for taking photos at Florida naval base
Three Chinese nationals were sentenced to prison Thursday for entering a restricted area at a naval base in Key West, Florida, to take photos.
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Twitter pulls Trump campaign’s George Floyd video over copyright infringement claim
A video posted by Donald Trump’s 2020 election campaign — decrying civil unrest in the wake of the killing of George Floyd — was removed Thursday by Twitter, citing a copyright-infringement claim. A June 3 tweet by the @TeamTrump account with the video now displays the message: “This media has been disabled in response to...
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New York woman nabbed while allegedly handing out baby raccoons
A New York woman was seen handing out baby raccoons to locals outside a 7-Eleven, prompting a search for the mammals amid potential rabies concerns, health officials said on Wednesday.
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George Floyd remembered at memorial for changing the world as bail is set for ex-officers charged in his death
George Floyd's brother joyfully shared memories of their childhood together in Houston -- from eating banana and mayonnaise sandwiches to playing football together -- during the first of several memorials planned in Floyd's honor. But Philonise Floyd also said it was painful to be so close to his brother for the first time since his death.
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Many mayors say police officers won't be immediately fired for attacking Americans during George Floyd protests
Dozens of videos have shown police officers using excessive force during George Floyd protests, but many mayors say the officers won't be fired.       
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Navy vet Michael White back in US after release from Iran detention
U.S. Navy veteran Michael White arrived back in the U.S. early Friday after his release from Iran following nearly two years of detention.
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Mukesh Ambani lands $1.2 billion for Jio from Mubadala as his war chest grows
Asia's richest man, Mukesh Ambani, has just landed another $1.2 billion for his global tech ambitions — this time from Abu Dhabi's sovereign wealth fund.
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What we know about the four ex-police officers charged in George Floyd's death
One of the officers had been on the job four days. One was on his third shift ever. And Derek Chauvin, who pressed his knee into George Floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes, was the field training officer for one of them.
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Asian stocks set for best weekly gain in nine years, U.S. jobs eyed
Asian stocks extended gains on Friday and were poised for their biggest weekly rise since 2011 while the euro hit a 1-1/2 month high as Europe's central bank surprised with more stimulus, fuelling hopes for a global rebound.
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Maryland police searching for cyclist caught on video accosting people posting signs calling for justice for George Floyd
Maryland police are looking for a man who allegedly accosted a group of three people putting up flyers seeking justice for George Floyd this week.      
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The striking portraits that speak to humanity now
Whether we are taking the picture, being photographed or looking at an image, photography invites us to pause and think about what makes us human, to celebrate our differences and to remember that we are not that different after all. Looking through the images in the new book "Portrait of Humanity Vol. 2," it's heartening to see so many examples of the best of humanity captured through photography's ever-shifting lens.
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The striking portraits that speak to humanity now
Photographers shortlisted for the annual Portrait of Humanity prize capture powerful images of people around the world.
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'Get your knee off our necks,' Reverend Al Sharpton urges at George Floyd memorial
Prominent civil rights activist the Rev. Al Sharpton told mourners on Thursday George Floyd's fatal encounter with police and the nationwide protests his death ignited marked a reckoning for America over race and justice, demanding, "Get your knee off our necks."
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Two National Guard members injured in DC lightning strike
Two National Guard members deployed to patrol Washington, DC amid widespread protests in the city were injured by a lightning strike early Friday morning, a report said. The members were near Lafayette Square when lightning hit the area near them and they were injured by the strike, NBC News reported. They were rushed to an...
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Queens ‘Wolverine’ man charged with attempted murder
The man caught on camera chasing down Black Lives Matter demonstrators with a Wolverine-type claw in Queens is now charged with attempted murder, authorities announced Thursday. Frank Cavalluzzi, 54, was filmed chasing protesters in Whitestone on Tuesday while wearing a glove affixed with four long, serrated-edged blades — before getting into his SUV, driving onto the...
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