India has an unlikely new type of period health educators: men
There's no trash can in the cramped washroom shared by almost 200 women at the congested Banjara Basti slum in Thane, a satellite city near Mumbai.
Donald Trump to Issue Social Media Executive Order After Twitter Fact-Checks Tweets
President Donald Trump will unveil an executive order Thursday targeting social media giants after Twitter added a fact-check warning to his tweets.
Did 'Alien' deserve to beat 'Star Wars'? Our critics discuss Ridley Scott's classic
Ridley Scott's "Aliens" took down George Lucas' original "Star Wars" in this week's Ultimate Summer Movie Showdown.
Ultra Music Festival faces lawsuit after allegedly denying refunds over rescheduled event
The organizers of Ultra Music Festival -- a three-day electronic dance music festival in Miami -- are being sued by two men who claim they were denied refunds after the event was canceled back in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.
How to safely go to the pool or beach
Is the water safe? Should you sanitize your lounge chairs? If you're planning on visiting a pool or beach during the pandemic, these are some things you should know.
Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett releasing Gorillaz book in October
Limited editions will be packaged with signed art prints.
Ex-US envoy to China says Washington is waking up to Beijing taking 'more and more control' of Hong Kong
Former U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman Jr. praised Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Wednesday for declaring that Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from China days after Beijing moved to impose new national security legislation on the territory.
Twitter fact-checks China official after confronted over Trump double-standard
Confronted with an apparent double standard in its lack of fact-check warnings on tweets by a Chinese government spokesman versus the hardline it took with President Trump this week, Twitter on Wednesday added notations to the postings, which falsely accused the US government of causing the coronavirus pandemic.
Joe Judge won’t make Giants coaching error Pat Shurmur did
Part 12 in a series analyzing the New York Giants. The Giants will be a better-coached team in 2020 than they were the past two years. This statement, at the present time, must be filed away as opinion, although a sampling of interested observers inside and outside the Giants facility are in agreement this will...
Column: How can college campuses be safe for athletes but not students? Put money on football
College campuses are not considered safe for students but are for athletes? With football programs paying the bills, are colleges really just keeping finances safe?
Trump could have voted in person in Florida this year but chose not to
As President Donald Trump rolled to his West Palm Beach, Florida, golf course on the morning of March 7, his motorcade filed past a library where local officials were preparing for the first day of in-person early voting in Florida's presidential primary contest.
Trump is threatening to close down social media companies. Can he actually do that?
US President Donald Trump has threatened to regulate or close down social media platforms over purported anti-conservative bias | Photo by Saul Martinez/Getty Images Even if Trump’s executive order tries to shut down social media companies, it would face an immediate court battle. President Donald Trump has built his political brand by posting a s
Staten Island tanning salon plans to reopen in defiance of coronavirus lockdown
“Tan” you believe it? The owner of a Staten Island tanning salon fed up with New York’s coronavirus shutdown plans to defy the rules and open up shop on Thursday morning. Bobby Catone, who runs three Sunbelievable salons in the forgotten borough, said he believes he can safely reopen with precautions, despite the statewide stay-at
Swing state voters torn on Trump's handling of pandemic
As one county in a key swing state reopens, some of its small business owners are divided on how President Donald Trump has handled the Covid-19 pandemic. CNN's Miguel Marquez reports.
Illinois Fighting Illini coach Lovie Smith shaves off his trademark beard
The Illinois football team had a banner season in 2019, making the program's first bowl appearance since 2014. On Wednesday, the program took an "L."
House slams China human rights in first-ever proxy vote amid coronavirus
The House of Representatives condemned China’s treatment of Muslim Uyghur minorities on Wednesday with dozens of lawmakers voting by proxy for the first time in history. Democrats authorized proxy voting this month due to the coronavirus pandemic, arguing it was a wise move to protect the health of members. Republicans oppose the reform and a
Conway compares waiting in line to vote to standing in line at Georgetown Cupcake, which is delivery-only
States have rallied behind mail-in voting because the coronavirus potentially poses health concerns for the November election and in-person voting.
Chicago releases plan for reopening restaurants, leaving NYC in the dust
New York is getting lapped on restaurant reopenings by a city that can’t even do pizza right. Chicago has released a 13-page list of guidelines for how its eateries can safely resume on-premises service amid the coronavirus pandemic, while Big Apple Mayor Bill de Blasio remains short on answers. The Windy City issued the pointers...
Texans' star J.J. Watt 'training like' NFL season will start on time
Houston Texans’ star defensive end J.J. Watt isn’t sure what’s going to happen with the 2020-2021 NFL season, but the three-time Defensive Player of the Year will “stay ready.”
Eminem reveals dream collab while celebrating 20th anniversary of 'The Marshall Mathers LP'
The Detroit rapper continues to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his blockbuster "Marshall Mathers LP," this time with a listening party and Q&A.
Ross Stripling passes time during coronavirus quarantine by offering financial advice
The quarantine routine of Ross Stripling has been spending much of the last two months working on an island —- the one in the kitchen of his Houston home. With baseball halted by the coronavirus pandemic, the Los Angeles Dodgers right-hander returned to his offseason job. When not throwing fastballs, he pitches clients as a financial adviser for B.
Thiessen rips Obama administration over FISA debacle: FBI abuses have 'damaged a vital institution'
Fox News contributor and Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen said Wednesday that the Obama administration's abuse of law enforcement surveillance tools to undermine President Trump have hurt a "vital institution we need to keep this country safe."
Disney CEO explains why it's safe to go back to Disney World
Disney World is set to reopen, but is it safe to return to the "most magical place on earth"?
Wedding company denies refund after man’s fiancée dies — then taunts him online
Not exactly the picture of kindness. A wedding photography company refused to refund a Colorado man after his fiancée died in a tragic car crash — then taunted him online, according to reports. Citing his rare and heartbreaking circumstances, Justin Montney, of Colorado Springs, asked the firm Copper Stallion Media to return a $1,800 deposit...
Texas AG Ken Paxton: Trump is right and Twitter ‘fact check’ is wrong – mail-in ballot fraud is a real problem
Twitter purported Tuesday to “fact check” two tweets by President Trump in which the president pointed out – accurately – that mail-in ballots present substantial risks of election fraud. I strongly disagree with Twitter.
Future of political art in Hong Kong uncertain as Beijing tightens grip
Art has galvanized protesters to unite under banners of freedom and democracy as they forge passionate narratives of love, death and resistance at all costs. But will it be possible -- or even safe -- to make radical works in the increasingly charged political climate?"
Future of political art in Hong Kong uncertain as Beijing tightens grip
China's defense budget shows Xi's priorities as economy tightens
When China announced a 6.6% increase in its military budget last week while cutting substantially in other areas, analysts said it made one thing clear: Beijing senses an increasing security threat and is giving the People's Liberation Army the military muscle to deal with it.
SpaceX takes over small community in Texas
SpaceX broke ground on a facility in Boca Chica, Texas, in 2014. While the move has brought some economic development to the area, there's also been some concerns from residents who say SpaceX is tearing their town apart. Freelance journalist Rachel Monro joins CBSN to discuss what it’s like living in the shadow of the aerospace company.
How Steve Carell’s ‘Space Force’ crew stacks up to other planetary nomads
Let's do a little stargazing.