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Jennifer Lawrence had to explain G.O.A.T. to Meryl Streep
The fact that Meryl Streep didn't know what "G.O.A.T." means proves that she is just that.
Will Smith scratches items off his bucket list in National Geographic's 'Welcome to Earth'
The beauty of being Will Smith is that if you decide to scratch items off your bucket list, National Geographic and Disney+ will dutifully mount and chronicle your adventures. Enter "Welcome to Earth," which allows Smith to explore the world with those who do so professionally, in what amounts to a cheerful exercise in nature programming for beginners.
'Don't Look Up' delivers a scathing satire that occasionally veers off course
In a grand science fiction tradition, "Don't Look Up" uses a disaster-movie framework as a metaphor for a reality-based crisis, with a huge comet hurtling toward Earth as a surrogate for indifference to addressing climate change. Yet this star-studded, extremely provocative satire at times veers off course itself, partially undermining its admirable qualities with the broadness of its tone.
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Olivia Rodrigo is taking her teen angst on tour
Olivia Rodrigo is planning on hitting the road in 2022.
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