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North Carolina Supreme Court delays March primary by two months over lawsuits challenging GOP-led redistricting
The state's highest court says delaying North Carolina's primary will allow time to settle lawsuits challenging a Republican-led effort to redraw political maps.
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A GOP senator suggested gargling mouthwash to kill the coronavirus. Doctors and Listerine are skeptical.
A health expert said that gargling would not hurt — if accompanied with a coronavirus vaccination.
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Manchin’s ‘historic context’ for spending is using the wrong metric
The West Virginia senator is using inflation-adjusted dollars to compare Biden's agenda but the more appropriate measure is percentage of GDP.
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House votes to ban goods made by forced labor in China’s Xinjiang region
The bill's passage, by an overwhelming bipartisan majority, came several days after the Biden administration announced a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Games due to China's human rights abuses.
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Reclusive heiress who ‘played a strong role’ in financing Jan. 6 rally is thrust into spotlight
Julie Fancelli, 72, a daughter of the Publix supermarkets founder, said she did not expect or support violence at the U.S. Capitol that day.
The enduring tedium of putting jobs numbers on the partisan scoreboard
A lot of jobs have been added this year — but there are uncountable asterisks that apply.
For the first time, Hillary Clinton publicly delivers the victory speech she would have given in 2016
The former secretary of state choked up at times when she spoke about her late mother, Dorothy Rodham.
Texas school district reviewing more than 400 books pushes back against notion that it is pulling them off library shelves
The North East Independent School District in San Antonio said it is reviewing hundreds of books on its library shelves to determine their age appropriateness, not to censor their content.
Democrats lobby Manchin and Sinema — politely — as they try to save their priorities for the domestic policy package
In a 50-50 Senate, where any one member can unilaterally impose their will, fellow senators said they have little choice but to use a soft touch and hope for the best.
Trump tries to distance himself from Sidney Powell — whom he once wanted as special counsel
Sidney Powell is too unhinged for Trump, even if her arguments aren’t.
The big ideas from Biden’s Supreme Court commission, explained
The commission didn't take positions on issues like court-packing. But it did lay out the pillars of debate on some key reform ideas. Here's what it said.
The benefit of getting vaccinated, visualized
Don't think vaccination aids the fight against the coronavirus? This interactive visualization of CDC data might change your mind.
Biden says ground troops ‘not on the table’ but Putin would face ‘severe’ economic sanctions for Ukraine invasion
The president spoke to reporters at the White House a day after a video call with the Russian leader in which he warned against mounting an invasion.
Rep. Boebert shares picture of her children posing with guns after backlash to Rep. Massie’s holiday photo
"The Boeberts have your six," she told Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), alongside a picture of her four young children holding long guns around a Christmas tree.
The right’s rationalization of Putin colors the Russia-Ukraine tension
Putin sympathy has at times evolved into Putin apologia.
Okay, let’s talk about Trump for House speaker
No, it's not at all likely to happen. But pique is a powerful thing, as is Trump's hold over the GOP.
Jan. 6 committee says it will move to hold former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows in criminal contempt
The panel’s chairman dismissed Meadows’s argument that much of the information the panel sought was covered by executive privilege.
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Utility giants agree to no longer share sensitive records ICE used to track the public
The information was passed to Equifax, which sold it to ICE and other police agencies.
Two years into this pandemic, the world is dangerously unprepared for the next one, report says
With its vast wealth and scientific capability, the United States held onto its top ranking among 195 countries, even as it scored lowest on public confidence in government — a factor associated with high numbers of cases and deaths.
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The Trailer: David Perdue and the great 2020 rewrite
Trump's election obsession shakes up Georgia, Seattle votes on whether to remove a socialist city council member, and an $18 minimum wage could be coming to California.
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Saule Omarova, Biden’s pick for top bank regulator, withdraws nomination
Omarova had faced pushback from Republicans as well as moderate Democrats.
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Trump had wanted to pick Amy Coney Barrett instead of Brett Kavanaugh for second Supreme Court opening, former chief of staff says
In a new book, Mark Meadows writes that Trump had initially wanted to choose Barrett in 2018 but the White House “passed over her then in favor of a more establishment-friendly nominee.”
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Marjorie Taylor Greene almost gets it, then decides not to
Her advocacy for those arrested after the riot at the U.S. Capitol takes her into some unfamiliar territory.
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Stephen Bannon trial set for July as defense promises legal brawl
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The GOP’s disregard for doctors on the coronavirus
A new poll suggests this extends not just to medical professionals more broadly — with the skepticism more pronounced — but also to one's own doctor.
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U.S. Capitol Police inspector general says only small number of recommendations adopted after Jan. 6 attack
Michael A. Bolton said his team is finalizing a report that it will issue in the coming days on the security flaws.
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The White House gets testy over its coronavirus testing regime
Jen Psaki's sarcastic answer reinforced an issue that continues to challenge the Biden administration -- especially when tests are cheaper and more widely available in other countries.
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The wide and dangerous gap between Trump’s covid recommendations and his treatments
When Trump’s health was on the line, the experts’ expertise was very welcome.
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Biden’s Supreme Court commission set to vote on final report
The bipartisan panel of legal experts examined possible changes to the court’s size and term limits for its justices.
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