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USATODAY - Money Top Stories
USATODAY - Money Top Stories
Krispy Kreme starts 'Day of the Dozens' early for rewards members. How the donut deal works.
Krispy Kreme's Day of the Dozens is Sunday but rewards members get two days early access to the deal. Buy a dozen donuts, get a glazed dozen for $1.      
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Renters should prepare for disaster. Here's what to do after a storm, flood or wildfire.
When a disaster occurs, the most important terms in your lease are the rent abatement or lease termination provisions.     
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2022 Mazda MX-30's puny 100-mile range renders automaker's first EV irrelevant
Mazda's MX-30 subcompact EV which will be sold exclusively in California, has an antiquated range of just 100 miles on fully-charged batteries.
Publix heiress and philanthropist Carol Jenkins Barnett dies from Alzheimer's at 65
Carol Jenkins Barnett, the daughter of Publix Super Markets founder George W. Jenkins, was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's in 2016 at age 59.
The Ford Bronco Sport is using recycled plastic from the ocean to make these auto parts
Ford pulls plastic from the ocean to make Bronco Sport car part as part of a bigger mission to adopt sustainable manufacturing practices.
Special tax break for charitable donations packs extra incentive for giving this year
Thinking about making a charitable contribution? Check out the special tax break for donations made by the end of 2021.
McDonald's Mariah Menu to feature free food and a chance to get exclusive Mariah Carey merchandise
Mariah Carey fans, there's more freebies in McDonald's Mariah Menu  – free beanies with Carey's signature and free shirts with a photo of her.
Chase adds tools to help customers avoid overdraft fees – but it's not eliminating them
Chase, the country's biggest bank, is revising a series of practices as more political pressure and competition builds relating to overdraft fees.
Kellogg's strike isn't over: Workers reject deal and company says it will replace strikers
Kellogg says it will replace striking workers after employees reject a proposed agreement and say they'll continue their months long work stoppage
He put 1.1 million miles on a Porsche. These 10 cars and trucks could get you to at least 200,000
With new (and used) cars hard to come by, you might be looking for longevity in your next purchase. Here are the most durable cars, trucks and SUVs.
McDonald's pledges $250M to new franchise owners to help increase diversity
McDonald's announced on Wednesday that it will offer $250 million over 5 years to recruit new franchise owners from underrepresented communities.
Gas prices will fall below $3 per gallon in 2022, government projections say
Retail gas prices could start dropping to an average of $2.88 per gallon in 2022, down from 2021's average of $3.00, a US government report predicts.
Great Resignation shows little letup as Americans quit jobs at near-record pace in October; openings surge
The number of people quitting jobs fell from 4.4 million to 4.2 million in October. Job openings increased to 11 million, near all-time high.
The Daily Money: Google's top searches of 2021; websites recover after Amazon outage
Today's top stories from USA TODAY Money.
National Brownie Day: This company unveiled an 850-lb pot brownie as the world's largest
What's the best way to celebrate National Brownie Day? Making a giant pot brownie weighing 850 pounds and measuring 3 feet wide and over 3 feet tall.      
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Oreo wine? Barefoot teams up with cookie brand for red wine with hints of chocolate
Oreo Thins has teamed up with Barefoot Wine to create Barefoot x Oreo Thins Red Blend Wine. The wine goes on sale Thursday and expected to sell out.      
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Best Buy is selling an upgraded model of our favorite KitchenAid mixer for $250 off right now
Upgrade your kitchen appliances by grabbing the KitchenAid Pro 5 Plus mixer—a powerful upgrade on our favorite stand mixer—at Best Buy for $250 off.      
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The Daily Money: Pandemic highlights the need to help the 'unbanked'
Today's top stories from USA TODAY Money.      
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Elon Musk says there aren't 'enough people,' birthrate could threaten human civilization
Tesla CEO Elon Musk is being firm with his stance on birthrate. "If people don't have more children, civilization is going to crumble, mark my words."      
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