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Jobless claims fall to 52-year low as layoffs decline
Only 184,000 Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week, the lowest number since 1969.
Newly approved eye drop could help millions of Americans see more clearly without reading glasses
A new eye drop could help tens of millions of people with age-related blurry vision shed their reading glasses. Jericka Duncan spoke with one woman who tested them out in a clinical trial and says she liked what she saw.
Over 200 million Americans fully vaccinated, urged to get boosters as COVID cases rise
The latest wave of COVID-19 infections is leading to more hospitalizations and deaths in the U.S., and there are rising concerns about the emerging Omicron variant. CBS news correspondents Nikki Battiste and Debora Patta report from New York City and South Africa. Then, University of Virginia critical care and infectious disease physician and medical ICU director Dr. Taison Bell joins CBSN's Lana Zak to discuss the latest coronavirus news.
Eye Opener: FDA considering whether to authorize COVID boosters for some teenagers
The FDA is considering whether to authorize COVID boosters for some teenagers amid fears over the Omicron variant. Also, witnesses began to testify in the trial of Kim Potter, the former police officer who is charged in the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright. All that and all that matters in today’s Eye Opener.
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Army to award Purple Hearts to 39 soldiers injured in Iran missile attack following CBS News report
The Army will award the Purple Heart to 39 soldiers injured when Iran struck their airbase in Iraq with ballistic missiles. This comes after a CBS News investigation revealed the soldiers were denied the honor and the medical benefits that come with it, despite appearing to qualify. Catherine Herridge reports.
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Trial for officer who shot Daunte Wright begins in Minneapolis
The trial of former officer Kim Potter began Wednesday in Minneapolis months after Potter shot and killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright. Wright's mother Katie Bryant took the stand as the first witness against Potter.
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West Hollywood hopes to become Amsterdam-like pot-based tourist lure
The city plans to is going green, as in allowing the cannabis industry to expand and transform entertainment in the city in a way similar to the famously popular European weed-tourism hotspot Amsterdam.
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Watch Live: Bob Dole lies in state in the U.S. Capitol
The WWII veteran, senator and GOP presidential candidate died Sunday at age of 98.
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Video shows Coast Guard pulling body from car above Niagara Falls
Video shows the rescue swimmer with an axe in his left hand being lowered 80 feet to the submerged car through falling snow.
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New Zealand plans to keep young people from ever buying cigarettes
The unique measure would impose a lifetime ban for anyone 14 or younger by hiking the minimum age to buy cigarettes every year.
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Car of Auburn student who disappeared in 1976 found in creek
Inside the car, investigators found what they think are human bones along with identification and credit cards belonging to Kyle Clinkscales.
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Chinese real estate giant Evergrande defaults on $1.2B in bonds
China is intervening to restructure the company floundering under an eye-watering $300 million in debt – part of a wider crisis with "global consequences."
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Building a connected world with Pelion
Pelion and partners are building a truly connected world.
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Citrix: Rethinking the Traditional Office
The trusted partner in digital workplace transformation.
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Research Triangle Region: US Thought Leaders
Smart growth and collaboration in North Carolina.
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SpaceX launches NASA X-ray telescope
NASA's modest IXPE telescope may help scientists understand processes at work near black holes and neutron stars.
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12/8: Red and Blue
Biden touts infrastructure plan; Australia, Canada, U.K. join U.S. diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics
CBS Evening News, December 8, 2021
Pfizer says COVID booster protects against Omicron; Father and daughter bring RVs to those who lost homes in wildfires
London Calling: Deadly windstorm pummels U.K. with rain and snow
In the latest installment of London Calling, CBS News contributor Simon Bates explains why recent power outages caused by a massive windstorm are being made worse by climate change.
Surgeon general says mental health crisis worsening among young people
U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy is sounding the alarm about a worsening mental health crisis among young people. Murthy says this is not a new issue, but one that has been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Jessi Gold, a psychiatrist and assistant professor in the department of psychiatry at Washington University in St. Louis, joins CBSN's Lana Zak to discuss.
39 U.S. soldiers to receive Purple Hearts following CBS News investigation
A CBS News investigation found at least 39 U.S. soldiers injured in an Iran missile strike on an Iraq military base last year were denied the Purple Heart and the benefits associated with the award. The Army reversed its decision and notified the soldiers on Wednesday. CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge joins CBSN's Lana Zak with more details on her reporting.
Special Report: Biden marks 100th anniversary of Tulsa Race Massacre
President Biden marked the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre, one of the deadliest in U.S. history, when a White mob in 1921 murdered hundreds of African Americans and destroyed the area known as Black Wall Street. Mr. Biden also unveiled plans to help communities of color throughout the U.S. "CBS Evening News" anchor Norah O'Donnell anchors this CBS News Special Report from Washington with CBS News correspondent Omar Villafranca in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Karlos Hill, a professor at the University of Oklahoma and a board member for the Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission.
Some in California have to limit their daily water usage. Here's what that means
A 10-minute shower uses about 25 gallons of water. One load of laundry uses 40 gallons.
Instagram CEO testifies before lawmakers on platform's impact on teen users
Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri appeared before a Senate subcommittee investigating the social media platform's potentially harmful impact on young users. CBS News congressional correspondent Kris Van Cleave joins CBSN's Lana Zak to discuss the major moments of the hearing and other headlines from Capitol Hill.
Father and son arrested for allegedly sparking Caldor Fire
David Smith, 66, and Travis Smith, 32, were charged with reckless arson.
Father and daughter bring RVs to those who lost homes in wildfires
A father and daughter are driving RVs to California to help those who lost their homes in the wildfires. Jamie Wax shares more on the lessons they've learned about giving.
Tiger Woods announces return to golf
Tiger Woods and his 12-year-old son, Charlie, will play in a family golf tournament next week. Woods' return to golf comes less than a year after he was injured in a car crash.
Soldiers to get Purple Heart after CBS News report
The Army will award the Purple Heart to 39 soldiers who were initially denied the honor after they were injured in an attack on their Iraq base nearly two years ago.
Scott Peterson re-sentenced to life in prison
Scott Peterson was re-sentenced to life in prison without parole for the killing of his wife and unborn son in 2002. Peterson was previously on death row for the crime.
Wisconsin city's plan to build trust with police
A police department in Racine, Wisconsin, is trying to reduce crime and build trust in the community it serves by moving into neighborhoods and getting to know the residents. Nancy Chen takes a look.