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Politics, Policy, Political News Top Stories
Biden Wants to Save Global Democracy. Here’s What He Can Actually Do.
We asked activists, scholars and politicians from around the world for one thing the U.S. could do to help democracy in their country.
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Old foes thwart Biden’s foreign policy pivot
The president wants to focus on the national security threats of the future, but past conflicts continue to cause headaches.
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Another eye-popping inflation reading is ahead. Next year could look very different.
The prices felt most acutely by voters could be telling a better story for Democrats heading into the midterms.
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Spanberger stranded as Virginia nears new congressional map
Democrats are still favored in most districts under a draft map released Wednesday, but one of the party's star young members is left without a seat.
House GOP jockeys for top panel spots after Nunes exit
The Californian's departure opens up his post as top Republican on the Intelligence Committee. He was also in line to lead Ways and Means, where "anybody who says they're not interested is lying."
How Schumer and McConnell got the debt deal done
The agreement to raise the debt ceiling between the two Senate leaders might mark a high point for their relationship. Don't expect it to last.
Meadows sues Pelosi, Jan. 6 panel members
Trump's former chief of staff has claimed he can’t discuss matters that could be covered by executive privilege.
Dem leaders considering anti-Islamophobia bill to answer Boebert-Omar controversy
An ethics committee referral for the Colorado conservative is also on the table. Either choice, however, falls short of sanction demands by progressives.
Tish James is running for New York governor. Mostly from her office.
“It’s almost as though she’s taking a Rose Garden strategy," said consultant Bill O'Reilly.
Inside Joe Biden’s 2-Day Zoom Plan to Rescue Democracy
The president went from skeptic to evangelist on global democracy. But over the past year, his ambitions have collided repeatedly—and uncomfortably—with reality.
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It’s Kentucky straight in Lexington City Hall
Mayor Linda Gorton is a registered Republican — and nurse. She keeps her politics quiet and treats the city like a patient.
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Judge declines to unseal records about raid on Project Veritas founder
Magistrate cites privacy interests of Biden’s daughter Ashley in probe about alleged theft of her diary.
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House passes compromise defense bill, backing Pentagon budget boost
Lawmakers approved the legislation 363-70, which saw 169 Democrats join 194 Republicans in a blowout vote.
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House passes workaround to move forward on raising the debt ceiling
The vote creates a path for Congress to prevent the government from defaulting on more than $29 trillion in debt.
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House Republicans seethe over Senate GOP's debt deal
Mitch McConnell's deal on the debt ceiling is just the latest example of the Senate GOP working with Democrats, to the scorn of House Republicans.
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Congress frets over ‘missed opportunity’ on Russia’s Ukraine aggression
Differences over the annual defense bill emerged as President Joe Biden was meeting virtually with President Vladimir Putin of Russia.
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Bank predicts $3.6 million windfall from Manafort loans
Surplus cash expected from foreclosure on lending that led to federal prosecutions of former Trump campaign chair and Chicago banker.
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‘Her failing is not an option’ — Harris convenes Black women and charts the path ahead
Among the ideas thrown around during a private meeting: Town halls with the VP that would focus on her areas of interest.
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Biden bank cop nominee withdraws after pushback from moderate Dems
Saule Omarova’s confirmation process became increasingly unpleasant, with some GOP lawmakers suggesting that the Soviet-born academic had communist sympathies, an allegation she has vigorously denied.
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Biden warns Putin on call against Ukraine invasion
The call between the American president and his Russian counterpart, which lasted just over two hours, represented the culmination of weeks of repeated warnings by Washington to Moscow.
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Push to repeal Iraq war powers snags in overloaded Senate
As the NDAA goes down to the wire, the congressional attempt to reclaim AUMFs is a casualty of war.
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Judge sets July 18 for Bannon ‘contempt of Congress’ trial
Former Trump aide's lawyers plan a slew of legal challenges to unusual criminal case for defying House subpoena.
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Meadows: Trump considered yanking Kavanaugh over ‘I like beer’ comments and apologetic tone
The president’s one-time chief of staff also says he’s currently “finding secretaries and undersecretaries” to staff a future Trump administration.
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McConnell pitches GOP on new strategy to raise debt limit
Senate leaders are trying to find a path forward to avoid a debt cliff without Republican votes.
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The Demise of America’s Onetime Capital of Black Wealth
Chicago was once known for its power marriage of Black business and politics. Today, many Black-owned companies have shuttered, dramatically changing the city's landscape.
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How a South Side Chicago Neighborhood is Trying to Keep its Black Residents
A South Side native takes us around Englewood, an overwhelmingly Black neighborhood that is a microcosm for the population loss happening across the city.
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Why We’re Covering the Next Black Exodus
Black Americans are leaving major cities in numbers reminiscent of the Great Migration of the 20th century. Our new series explores how this shift will reshape political power for decades.
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