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The Exact Wrong Thing to Do About Omicron
We keep learning this lesson about the virus again, and again.
3 h
Netherlands, Australia, Denmark Confirm Omicron Cases as Israel Shuts Borders
As the new COVID-19 variant keeps spreading, governments rushed to impose travel bans, although some experts warn it may be too late.
4 h
Help! My Best Friend’s Son is Aggressively Stalking My Daughter.
My friend thinks it’s harmless.
8 h
Dear Care and Feeding: My Daughter Was Invited to Eavesdrop on Her Friend’s Therapy Session
Parenting advice on privacy, pets, and favoritism.
9 h
Omicron: Why Did WHO Skip Over Two Letters in Greek Alphabet to Name Latest Variant?
The letters "nu" and "xi" were next but the World Health Organization went straight to "omicron."
Michigan Manballed Ohio State Into Submission
The plan came together.
How Stephen Sondheim Solved the Puzzle of Being Alive
An artistic genius on the level of Shakespeare, his work transcended the theater.
1 d
Fauci Warns Omicron Could Already Be in U.S. as U.K., Germany, Italy Detect Cases
The new COVID-19 variant had already been detected in Belgium, Israel, and Hong Kong.
1 d
Omar Demands House Leadership Take Action After GOP Rep. Boebert’s Anti-Muslim Remarks
The far-right Trump ally from Colorado implied that Rep. Ilhan Omar is a terrorist.
1 d
Who Had the Best—and Worst—Italian Accent in House of Gucci? A Dialect Coach Dishes About Lady Gaga, Jared Leto, and More. 
There’s one thing just about everyone did wrong.
1 d
What if an All-Knowing Algorithm Ran Traffic and Transit?
What happens when algorithms give us exactly what we need—to our dismay?
1 d
Would You Let a Self-Driving Ride-Share Car Decide Where You’re Going?
Read a new short story by Linda Nagata, the author of Pacific Storm and The Last Good Man.
1 d
Help! My Gym Freak Husband Won’t Stop Criticizing My Body.
Pregnancy changed my weight a little, but this feels cruel.
1 d
Omicron: South Africa Blasts Travel Bans as Hospitals See Surge of Younger COVID Patients
Authorities worry health facilities could quickly become overwhelmed as new variant is being blamed for a surge in new COVID-19 cases.
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