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Gig Worker Protections Get a Push in European Proposal
A proposal with widespread political support would entitle drivers and couriers for companies like Uber to a minimum wage and legal protections.
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SpaceX Launches IXPE NASA Telescope for X-Ray Views of Universe
The IXPE spacecraft will use X-ray polarimetry to better measure black holes, supernovas and other astronomical phenomena.
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Frustration Over a Stalled Bill
Democrats favor federal support for scientific research. Why can’t they agree?
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Tips for Buying a Used Car
Top dealerships offer reassurances, but better prices might be found elsewhere. Check the Carfax, and offer to meet in a police station parking lot.
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U.S. Hospitals Are Struggling Under a Delta-Driven Surge in Cases
Officials are bracing for Omicron, but Delta is the more imminent threat as it drives a 15 percent rise in hospitalizations over the past two weeks. Health workers said the situation had been worsened by staff shortages brought on by burnout, illness and resistance to vaccine mandates. Here’s the latest.
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Gig Worker Protections Get a Push in European Proposal
A proposal with widespread political support would entitle drivers and couriers for companies like Uber to a minimum wage and legal protections.
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New Zealand Plans to Eventually Ban All Cigarette Sales
The proposal, expected to become law next year, would raise the smoking age year by year until it covers the entire population.
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China Evergrande Defaults on Its Debt, Fitch Says
Fitch’s announcement spells out a reality already accepted by investors: The company can’t pay its bills and is being restructured under Beijing’s eye.
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Best Art Exhibitions of 2021
Ambitious museum shows in Tulsa, Richmond, and Louisville left an imprint. Jasper Johns, Maya Lin and Latino artists shone. And the high quality of gallery shows of women was dizzying and gratifying.
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Hillary Clinton Reads Discarded Victory Speech From 2016 Election
Mrs. Clinton read the long-shelved speech aloud for her offering on MasterClass, a site featuring lessons from prominent figures in the arts, business and other fields.
Woman Stole Daughter’s Identity to Get Loans and Attend College, U.S. Says
Laura Oglesby, 48, of Missouri, who pleaded guilty to intentionally providing false information to the Social Security Administration, lived as someone nearly half her age, the authorities said.
I'm Done Trying to Understand or Educate the Unvaccinated
They don’t only leave themselves vulnerable to the virus, they make everyone more vulnerable.
Senate Votes to Scrap Biden Vaccine Mandate as Republicans Eye 2022
The action was largely symbolic, but it allowed Republicans to press an attack on Democrats that is likely to be central to their midterm election campaigns.
Father and Son Arrested on Suspicion of Starting the Caldor Fire
The men have not been charged but were arrested in connection with the 15th-largest blaze in California’s recorded history. It burned more than 200,000 acres near Lake Tahoe.
David Banks Is the Next N.Y.C. Schools Chancellor
Mr. Banks, who founded the Eagle Academy, a network of public schools for boys, is the first commissioner named to Mayor-elect Eric Adams’s administration.
U.S. Threat to Squeeze Russia’s Economy Is a Tactic With a Mixed Record
Sanctions, like aiming to cut oil exports, could also hurt European allies. “It’s a limited toolbox,” one expert said.
California Positions Itself as a ‘Refuge’ of Abortion Rights
A new legislative proposal includes the recommendation to fund the procedure for low-income women who come to California for abortion services.
De Blasio Fought for 2 Years to Keep Ethics Warning Secret. Here’s Why.
Mayor Bill de Blasio was warned that he created an “appearance of coercion and improper access” by directly contacting donors who had business before the city.
Supreme Court Seems Wary of Ban on State Aid to Religious Schools
The case, concerning a tuition program in Maine, seemed likely to extend a winning streak at the court for parents seeking public funds for religious education.
Tiger Woods Set to Play the PNC Championship With His Son
The golfer, who is still recovering from a serious car crash in February, has not competed in a tournament since he and his son, Charlie, last played in the family team event a year ago.
The Oscars Are Broken. Here’s How to Fix Them.
The ratings flop that was the last ceremony provided useful lessons in what not to do. But there are steps the academy can take for an actually enjoyable evening.
‘Is There Still Sex in the City?’ Review: Candace Bushnell Dishes Hot Details
In her one-woman Off Broadway show, the “Sex and the City” author invites audiences behind the scenes of her life with a wink and a cocktail.
The Supreme Court Faces a Voting Paradox with Abortion Decision
Any voting system is vulnerable to inconsistency.
Elizabeth Holmes Rests Her Case in Fraud Trial
Lawyers must now agree on a set of jury instructions before closing arguments begin on Dec. 16.
Jan. 6 Panel to Cite Meadows for Contempt for Defying Subpoena
The select committee investigating the Capitol riot said it would prepare a criminal contempt of Congress referral against Mark Meadows, who was President Donald J. Trump’s chief of staff on Jan. 6.
Yes, Americans Should Get Free Tests
We need every option available to return to normal.
Ally, Member or Partner? NATO’s Long Dilemma Over Ukraine
NATO promised Ukraine full membership in 2008, but without explaining how or when. Putin sees that promise as an ongoing threat to Russia.
Soy maestra y me pregunto si mis alumnos podrán ir un día a la escuela sin temor a un tiroteo
Después de 20 años de enseñar, no tengo claro cómo se supone que los maestros continuemos dando clases cuando se nos pide ser mucho más.
Coronavirus Cases Are Rising Among Children in South African Hospitals
The increase, observed in children’s wards at two major hospitals in South Africa, points to increased community transmission, doctors say.
The Year America Lost Its Democracy
Republicans mounted an all-out assault on voting rights. Democrats did little to stop them.