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What Everyone Gets Wrong About Herpes
A doctor explains whether a woman’s new boyfriend is right about their herpes risk.
Arizona Democratic Party Votes to Censure Sen. Sinema for Filibuster Vote
The censure has no practical effect but reflects how the first-term senator is increasingly distancing herself from fellow Democrats.
Zombies Are Humans Without Consciousness
The zombie was first a victim of a voodoo spell, then a reanimated body, and finally a thought experiment to consider when something is conscious.
Virginia Woman Charged for Threatening to Take Guns to School Over Mask Mandate
Amelia King later apologized and said she never intended to make a threat but the school board still said it would increase security in schools.
We’re All in the Uncanny Now
Living right now is an exercise in confusion.
Ex-Giuliani Associate Igor Fruman Sentenced to One Year in Prison
Prosecutors had asked the judge to sentence the Belarus-born businessman to between three and four years in prison.
Help! My Neighbor Is Running a Porn Studio Out of His House.
And my family gets a free preview through the window each day.
Would Putin Really Invade Ukraine For This?
How the Biden administration’s high-stakes diplomacy to avoid a crisis in Ukraine is going.
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Why Please Don’t Destroy’s Warp-Speed Absurdity Is the Future of Saturday Night Live
When Lorne Michaels retires, the show will need a new guiding light, or three.
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Ron DeSantis Won’t Kiss the Trump Ring
It was another week of mostly meaningless political rifts.
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The Real Story of “West Elm Caleb”
The stories of women being ghosted by a tall man who designs furniture spiraled into something terrible on TikTok.
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Davos Man
Slate Money talks Peter Goodman’s book Davos Man, Microsoft buying Activision, and the 5G fiasco.
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Almost Every Single Democrat In Arizona Is Mad At Kyrsten Sinema, Poll Finds
The centrist senator is in deep political danger if she faces a primary challenge.
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The Shameless, Radical Ruling Against Biden’s Civil Service Vaccine Mandate
A Trump judge warped the law beyond all recognition.
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How Meat Loaf Became Music’s Most Unlikely Megaseller
The master of melodrama, who died on Thursday, was the perfect partner for the man behind the curtain.
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Meat Loaf Was a Butch Lesbian Icon
He was the rare pop star to inspire both queer people and Trump.
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Your Clever Spoilers Are Ruining Wordle
Don't even think about hinting at today's answer.
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Tonga’s Devastating Volcanic Eruption Has Left the Island Without Internet
In 2022, it is all but unthinkable that an entire country would simultaneously lack both drinking water and the ability to communicate that crisis.
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Donald Trump Had a Truly Terrible Week
Are the walls finally beginning to close in for real this time?
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Peloton’s Gears Are Stuck
It might be the rise-and-fall story of our pandemic-scarred times.
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The World Leaders Who Have Gotten COVID Twice
What I found surprised me.
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Don’t Listen to the Matt Damon Crypto Ad
Jacob Silverman and Ben McKenzie on the dangers of cryptocurrency and the false dream of a crypto revolution.
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My Wife Just Went Off Birth Control for the First Time, and Oh My God. Is This Normal?
It's like she's a different woman.
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The TikTok Mob’s Latest Target Might Not Deserve Its Wrath
The social media mob is hungry for drama. But this one's not so clear-cut.
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André Leon Talley Made America’s Next Top Model the Show It Pretended to Be
The late Vogue master’s “cauldrons of love” practically leapt out of the television.
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Josh Allen Is Breaking Football and Football Analysis
What the Bills QB is doing is unprecedented.
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The Rabbi Held Hostage in Texas Threw a Chair to Escape. This Is the Man Who Taught Him to Do It.
"The best technique to win any fight, any violent confrontation, is to avoid it in the first place."
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Massachusetts Will Now Punish Suburbs That Refuse to Build Apartments
Some towns will play along. Others will "have to go kicking and screaming."
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What Democrats Need From Mitch McConnell to Make an Election Reform Deal Worth It
ECA reform should not be the only thing on the agenda in any bipartisan talks to prevent subversion.
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Five Years Later, What Was the Women’s March?
On its five year anniversary, it is not difficult to imagine how the original march might have played out differently.
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