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How the Internet is empowering politicians, writers and porn stars at the expense of institutions
The Internet is now mature enough that, in some cases, individuals can raise more money than institutions.
1 h
How people who should know better abuse math to bolster the ‘election fraud’ lie
Rasmussen Reports has repeatedly spread obviously dubious claims about the election.
3 h
John Cornyn’s ugly, transparent attempt to paint Biden as a Manchurian Candidate
There is no legitimate reason to believe Biden is not making all the kinds of decisions a president usually makes behind closed doors. But the tweet was revealing about GOP efforts.
4 h
Data about the Capitol rioters serves another blow to the White working-class Trump supporter narrative
Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol weren't just working-class rural Americans.
5 h
A quarter of the country won’t get the coronavirus vaccine. Half of them trust Trump’s medical advice.
Trump himself has helped undercut the thing for which he seeks the most credit.
6 h
Live updates: Biden to convene bipartisan meeting on infrastructure as he steps up negotiations with Congress
The president is seeking to bolster support for a sweeping $2 trillion plan that includes spending on roads, bridges, public transit, housing, broadband, waterlines, schools and more.
9 h
Asian American super PAC launches operation to improve understanding of fastest-growing electorate
AAPI voters turned out in record numbers last year to support Biden over Trump and were crucial to the president’s win in Georgia.
9 h
How the corporate backlash to Georgia’s new voting law is shaping other fights around the country over access to the polls
Business interests and voting rights activists are gearing up to fight GOP-backed voting measures under consideration in states such as Texas, Florida, Michigan and Arizona.
Texas Gov. Abbott says state is ‘very close’ to herd immunity. The data tells a different story.
One expert said of Abbott's herd immunity claim: “There is no way on God’s green earth that Texas is anywhere even close."
Facing GOP opposition, Biden seeks to redefine bipartisanship
The president and his aides point to broad public support for many Democratic policies among voters in both parties, as well as Republican governors, mayors, and other local officials.