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Why Congo and Rwanda Are at Each Other’s Throats
Violence in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo is escalating and fears are mounting of a wider conflict in what has long been one of Africa’s most volatile regions. President Felix Tshisekedi accuses his counterpart in neighboring Rwanda, Paul Kagame, of supporting a rebel group known as M23. Kagame denies the allegation and counters that Tshisekedi’s inability to control events in his own country poses a security risk to Rwanda. The acrimony reached new heights in late January, when R
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In Ukraine, Now It’s a Matter of Who Attacks First
Both Russia and Ukraine face different kinds of pressure to launch a major, and most likely premature, offensive.
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The Real Winners of the Coming Capex Tsunami
Recession talk may be blinding investors to a massive wave of battery and chip spending
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The Next ESG Frontier Is Genetically Modified Food
War in Ukraine has tested ESG resolve on defense and energy companies. Food security now poses an equally tricky dilemma.
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For Deutsche Bank’s Sewing, Progress Is Likely to Slow
Tailwinds that supported the CEO’s turnaround are fading.
Early 401(k) Withdrawal Penalty Poses an Unfair Burden
People in dire need of funds shouldn’t have to pay a 10% fee to tap their own savings.
TikTok launches charm offensive amid calls to ban the app
It's part of an effort to mount a public relations campaign to counter claims the app is a threat to U.S. national security.
The US Needs to Keep Guns Out of Little Hands
Safe storage laws can prevent accidents and save children’s lives.
Biden Faces His Nixon Moment on Alaskan Oil
Cautious support for ConocoPhillips’ $8 billion Willow project owes much to the Russian supply shock that’s pushed the president to a more nuanced stance on drilling.
Work Advice: My employer is reneging on its remote-work promise
My "remote-first" workplace is now imposing a strict return-to-office policy, even though I was hired as remote and need it for my mental health. What can I do?
Wealth Taxes Have Always Been a Terrible Idea
A rash of new proposals by US states reveal the folly of tax-the-rich schemes, which are wasteful, damaging to the economy and almost impossible to execute fairly.
Human or ChatGPT? AI is getting good.
Reporter Danielle Abril tests columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler to see if he can tell the difference between an email written by her or ChatGPT.
Can ChatGPT help me at the office? We put the AI chatbot to the test.
The AI chatbot ChatGPT can generate conversational responses to questions, but how well does it do with workplace tasks?
Silicon Valley’s golden age fades as Big Tech layoffs continue
The era of moonshots and free sushi lunches is ending as tech companies double down on their core purpose: making lots of money.
A smartphone app may help detect stroke symptoms, research shows
Researchers have developed an app called FAST AI to detect the most common stroke symptoms. Experts said the app should be used as an educational, not diagnostic, tool.
Let’s Be Big Enough to Accept This Economic Gift
Turning points are notoriously tough to call. We shouldn’t let that obscure the recent good news for the global economy.
Biden’s Stock Market Is Nearly Identical to Trump’s
It may seem hard to believe, but the performance of the S&P 500 under the current administration is similar to what it was at this point during the last one.
Finding love, sex and harassment on dating apps
What online dating is like now, who feels safe, and how likely you are to find love, according to a new Pew survey.
Zuckerberg’s New Focus Pulls Meta Back From The Brink
A growing chorus wanted him to shift attention from the metaverse. Meta’s latest results showed he could listen.
In Defense of Tom Brady’s Reluctant Retirement
When we sacrifice so much for our jobs, it can leave us feeling even more committed to them.
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Beware ChatGPT Trying to Teach Your Kids Math … or Anything
It has tantalizing potential as a tutor but is also a worrying new source of misinformation for kids. 
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It’s Not Easy Being a Stock Market Villain
With its Adani report, Hindenburg is the latest in a long line of short sellers to go against the odds.
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Biden’s Escalation in Ukraine Is About Diplomacy Not Victory
Massive shipments of sophisticated Western arms are intended to avoid a long stalemate and bring Putin to the table.
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The Bank of England Should Raise Rates One Last Time
UK policymakers should combine tough action on inflation this week with a subsequent pause to assess the effects of higher borrowing costs.
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Job openings spiked in December to high not seen since summer
Job openings climbed past 11 million in December according to fresh data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Wednesday, up from 10.4 million the previous month as layoffs rose in some corners of the economy.
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Hindenburg Gives a Masterclass. Adani Flunks
The Indian tycoon’s pulled share sale shows financial globalization can mint centi-billionaires — and cancel them.
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Trump’s Wall Settles Into a Strange, Costly Afterlife
Conservatives still rally around a useless symbol instead of more effective responses to illegal migration.
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Save stars, sleep and birdsong from skyglow. Light the night smart.
Cut light pollution for the health of people and the planet.
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A set of single-family houses in Bethesda, Md.
BUYING NEW: Community will include 125 houses and townhouses
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Memphis Police Need to Learn From Minneapolis’s Mistakes
Political squabbling bogged down attempts at police reform after George Floyd’s killing. City officials must do better after Tyre Nichols’s violent death.
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