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Wall Street Journal publishes letter from Trump claiming ‘rigged’ election
The publication of the letter, citing baseless and debunked claims, was criticized for pushing the traditional boundaries of a letters-to-the-editor page.
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8 Halloween recipes to help you scare up a ghoulish party
Spooktacular recipes for your best Halloween yet.
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New packing cubes, toiletry bags and other space-saving gear for your next trip
Airlines put a premium on space — and so should you with these genius packing products.
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David Corn bashes ABC News for allegedly helping Trump
Focus on the Steele dossier sidesteps the thrust of the Russia-Trump story, argues the Mother Jones journalist. But what about Corn's own history with the dossier?
After a devastating wildfire, a California community faced another crisis: PTSD
It’s been three years since the Camp Fire swept through Northern California, but many residents still face serious mental health issues. Is what’s happening there a warning to the rest of us?
Cider-braised pork shoulder goes from weekend project to weeknight dinner in the Instant Pot
Instant Pot allows an aspirational pork shoulder become an attainable weeknight feast.
How to connect with a teen son as he continues to change
Sometimes, we forget how to connect with our changing children. Here’s how to come together.
Don’t dismiss clearance plants at the garden center. With a little love, they can flourish.
Fall is the perfect time for planting, so hit up the clearance tables now for perennials, roses, ornamental grasses and more.
How to find a plumber you can trust — and how to avoid needing one
Every homeowner should have a reputable plumber at the ready, whether it’s for a routine issue or an emergency.
Carolyn Hax: Sister restarted the family group chat without her. Is estrangement next?
Her sister left the family's mother-daughter group chat over politics, then secretly started up a new one without her.
Hints From Heloise: An egg-cellent nutritional question
Are some egg grades higher in nutritional value than others?
Miss Manners: ‘Getting acquainted’ chat becomes invasive interview
Church leaders surprise congregants with personal questions and want to follow up.
Ask Amy: When hubby enters the room, all texting must stop
Spouse thinks it an unreasonable demand but wants an objective view.
Spicy beef lettuce wraps are a fun way to get dinner on the table in 20 minutes
Put out a platter of hot, spicy beef and wrap it all up in crisp lettuce leaves.
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National Immigrants Day celebrates the United States’ ‘melting pot’
Most Americans don’t have to look far back on family tree to find immigrants.
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Bryant Terry on ‘Black Food,’ plant-based eating and where he finds inspiration
Celebrated author Bryant Terry is ending his writing career with "Black Food" as he shifts his focus to his new publishing imprint.
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Bainum unveils plans for new ‘Baltimore Banner’ news site — and hires Kimi Yoshino, a top L.A. Times editor, to run it
The Maryland hotel magnate tried but failed to buy the Baltimore Sun. Now he’s trying to demonstrate a new business model for local news.
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The painful truth about caregiving: Your determination isn’t enough to save a loved one
After caring for my ill son, my dying husband and my elderly mother, I’ve learned just how little we can control.
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Day of the Dead calls for pan de muerto. Watch how one bakery makes it.
During the Día de los Muertos season, bakers at La Estrella Bakery in Tuscon, Ariz., mix, knead and decorate hundreds of rich, sweet loaves.
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Some lesser-known culprits for neck and back pain, and what to do about them
It might not just be your home desk setup. Breathing and sleeping habits, the weight of your purse and your vitamin D levels also can contribute to neck and back pain.
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Anita Hill: ‘I think our journey, as a country, as a society, really tracks my own journey’
A leading voice in the fight against sexual harassment discusses her life as an unlikely crusader.
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The best, most realistic-looking fake plants for decorating your home
Faux houseplants are no longer uncool. Experts give tips on how to pick and place them.
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Carolyn Hax: A caregiver-spouse struggles with feelings of emptiness and resentment
A spouse needing care and 'incapable of physical intimacy' leaves a letter-writer struggling with feelings of emptiness and resentment.
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Ask Amy: A churning question about credit cards
Husband continually opening cards in couples’ names worries his spouse.
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Hints From Heloise: Before winter hits, clean your comforter
If you store your comforter during warm months, it might need at lease a freshening.
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Miss Manners: On friends who call themselves ‘fat’
Some seem to want to be contradicted while others do not. But it’s not easy to tell the difference.
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