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Gun safety protocols are rigid on film and TV sets. This 'should never have happened.'
Industry veterans familiar with on-set gun protocols say 'Rust' shooting by Alec Baldwin 'should never have happened.' Here's why.       
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Podcast reveals 'Rust' armorer's feelings about previous job: 'I was really nervous'
Hannah Gutierrez was the armorer on "Rust" set during Thursday's fatal incident. She previously talked about an earlier job on a resurfaced podcast.
Team Old Spice: David Lynch's 1984 'Dune' is more entertaining than the new sci-fi epic
So what if the new 'Dune' has Timothee Chalamet and awesome visuals ? The 1984 version had Kyle MacLachlan riding a giant sandworm set to rock music.       
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10 horror novels that are way scarier than the movies
A reader, alone, in the quiet, is the perfect setting for a serious fright. Experience true terror with books that inspired favorite horror films.       
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Notable accidents on set involving celebrities
From injuries on set to fatal incidents, accidents happen, even to the stars. See the most notable accidents.       
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Film veterans explain safety protocols for prop guns on set
Film veterans explain safety protocols for prop guns on movie sets following an incident with a prop firearm discharged by Alec Baldwin.       
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What are ultimate shields and why do they fail? All your 'Dune' burning questions, answered
Denis Villeneuve and Rebecca Ferguson answer big "Dune" questions, including Baron Harkonnen's secret power and how those ultimate shields work.       
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