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Politics, Policy, Political News Top Stories
Dems scramble for climate Plan C as Manchin dashes their dreams
Senate Democrats are pressing Joe Manchin to give them an alternative after he rejected major parts of President Joe Biden’s climate plan on Tuesday.
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Nebraska GOP Rep. Fortenberry indicted
The Justice Department said that Fortenberry repeatedly lied to and misled authorities during an investigation into illegal contributions to his reelection campaign.
3 h
Cruz puts hold on Biden’s pick for Middle East lead at State
Barbara Leaf is the latest nominee to be targeted by the Texas senator.
6 h
Biden bets his agenda on the inside game
The president is not leaning on the bully pulpit. And for a reason: his team can ill afford to offend.
7 h
House hopes to defy history in criminal contempt case against Bannon
The legal tool Democrats are using against the former adviser to Donald Trump hasn't been successfully prosecuted a single time since the Reagan administration.
7 h
Bitcoin funds are reaching the masses. Why crypto critics say it’s dangerous
The move is setting up a conflict between Chair Gary Gensler and investor advocates who are his long-time allies.
Covid-19 booster shots: What you need to know
POLITICO breaks down the U.S. booster rollout and the big remaining questions.
'Brown recovery' wipes out hopes that pandemic stimulus would drive climate spending
“The world missed an opportunity to have a green recovery,” said Obama climate official Alice Hill. “We hoped it would. But it didn’t.”
Build Back Better Is a Jobs Program. Why Won’t Democrats Call It That?
By pitching their program as a safety net, Democrats risk alienating the very people they’re hoping to help.
The Manchin and Bernie show consumes Democrats
It's a spat that could have major policy implications beyond the personalities involved. It’s also being tracked closely by the White House.
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Trump sues Jan. 6 committee, National Archives
The former president’s lawyers filed the suit in D.C. district court on Monday.
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State IG launches investigations into end of Afghanistan operations
The reviews will focus on the visa program and refugee resettlement, among other issues.
1 d
Biden quietly deciding how to restart student loan payments
The plans, some of which are still in progress and not finalized, are aimed at averting a potential surge in delinquencies when payments resume in February.
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Opinion | Trump Can’t Keep His Jan. 6 Documents Secret. And Biden Can Help.
Trump is already trying to tangle the probe up in the courts. He doesn’t have to succeed.
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DOJ: ‘Lionizing' Jan. 6 rioters fueling future political violence
The statement came as part of a 28-page argument supporting the pretrial detention of Cody Mattice, a defendant charged with ripping down metal barricades and assaulting police during the attack on the Capitol.
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Colin Powell dies from Covid complications
The former secretary of State was fully vaccinated, according to his family.
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Race for Hastings’ Florida seat turns into 11-candidate pileup
2 d
‘His Street Cred Went Up’: The Unintended Consequences of Outing the GOP Lawmakers at Jan. 6
A Democratic group hoped to shame Republicans into resigning. It misjudged the political moment.
2 d
Covid-stricken states still struggle months after Biden’s surge
The federal officials President Joe Biden promised were slow to arrive in several states experiencing acute upticks in the Midwest and South.
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Dems to Biden: Don't leave people of color behind in Build Back Better negotiations
Major cuts now need to be implemented. Lawmakers want to make sure the programs traditionally benefiting minorities are preserved.
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