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ABC News: Top Stories
ABC News: Top Stories
Federal judge killed by hit-and-run driver in Florida
New York federal Judge Sandra Feuerstein killed in Florida by a hit-and-run driver.
2 h
2 climbers rescued in a Utah canyon after being stranded overnight
Two climbers were rescued off a Utah mountain after they could not get back down in the dark, according to authorities.
3 h
Pentagon chief declares 'ironclad' US commitment to Israel
Defense Secretary Austin in Israel for his first visit, met Israeli counterpart.
4 h
Las Vegas pushes to become first to ban ornamental grass
A city built on a reputation for excess wants to become a model for conservation
5 h
Michigan's COVID cases surge to alarming levels, but governor rejects new mandates
Michigan's COVID cases surge to alarming levels, but Gov. Gretchen Whitmer rejects new mandates
5 h
GOP willing to negotiate on infrastructure but wants improvement from COVID: Wicker
Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., appeared on ABC's "This Week."
7 h
Over 350 reports of severe weather reported in South since Friday
Since Friday, there have been at least 350 reports of severe weather across the southern U.S.
Here's why COVID cases are surging in Toronto despite early lockdown
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is making efforts to provide more funding that could help with Toronto's COVID-19 surge.
Police negotiators on scene at hotel after reports of a barricaded gunman, gunshots
A man with a firearm has barricaded himself into a Honolulu hotel room following reports of multiple shots being fired as police negotiators have arrived on the scene.
Man arrested for threatening to stab undercover Asian police officer: NYPD
A man was arrested for allegedly threatening to stab an Asian undercover police officer in the face on Friday at Penn Station.
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2 deputies injured, suspect dead after shooting outside sheriff's office
Two deputies are injured and a suspect is dead following a shooting outside a sheriff's office in South Salt Lake, Utah, authorities said.
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Pentagon officer charged with murder also pulled gun on woman last year: Police
The Pentagon police officer who has been charged with murder for allegedly killing two people in Maryland this week, also pulled a gun on a homeless woman last year.
1 d
St. Vincent covered in ash as volcano activity continues
Much of St. Vincent remains covered in ash, following eruptions at the island's La Soufriere volcano.
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Police pull guns on, spray Black-Latino Army officer during traffic stop: Lawsuit
Two Virginia police officers have been sued for drawing their guns on a uniformed Army officer during a traffic stop and pepper spraying him.
1 d
What are vaccine 'passports' and why are they controversial?
Scannable digital certificates to prove vaccination status could help the fully vaccinated gain entry into events or businesses
1 d
Cities win immigration policing dispute with US government
DOJ won't challenge rulings police can't be made to enforce immigration laws.
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Cicada invasion: After 17 years underground, billions to emerge this spring
Billions of cicadas will emerge this spring when conditions are just right -- when the soil is 64 degrees and on a night that's humid enough, but free of wind and rain.
1 d
High court halts Calif. virus rules limiting home worship
The changes come after infection rates have gone down in the state.
1 d
Another round of severe storms expected Saturday in South
About 6 million people will be facing damaging winds, flooding rain and a few tornadoes.
1 d
Senate filibuster's racist past fuels arguments for its end
The Senate filibuster is coming under fresh scrutiny.
1 d
Arizona wildfire destroys 12 homes; 200 people evacuated
The fire burned through thick vegetation at the bottom of Gila River.
2 d
Senior Biden official overseeing border stepping down at end of month
The administration said she'd committed to serve the first 100 days in office.
2 d
House Ethics Committee opens investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz
The House Ethics Committee said Friday it would open a bipartisan investigation into the wide-ranging allegations against Rep. Matt Gaetz.
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