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A Darkly Comical Programming Error Shows the Human Assumptions Behind Code
Plus, stories from the recent past of Future Tense.
The Best Photos We Didn’t Use This Week: Is Boris Johnson Living in a Children’s Book?
He sure gets into a lot of shenanigans.
Dwayne Johnson Responds “It’d Be My Honor” to Poll Showing 46% Want Him to Run for President
The movie star has repeatedly said he was seriously considering a run for the White House.
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Help! My Mother-in-Law Insists on Cooking—but She’s Awful at It.
If I try to offer advice, the other dinner guests mock me.
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The Creator of “This Is White Privilege” Wouldn’t Do It Again
The man behind the influential Tumblr reveals why he moved on—and why it feels like everything is Tumblr now.
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The Miles to the Grocery Store Got Longer This Year
How Southeast D.C. shoppers navigated a separate and unequal food system under strain.
“Montero” Might Be the Gayest No. 1 Single in Billboard History
Lil Nas X once again proves he’s a master memester with his (very openly gay) hit single.
Joe Biden Wants to Put the World’s Corporate Tax Havens Out of Business
It would pay for his ambitious policies—and solve one of the thorniest problems created by global capitalism.
Biden’s Supreme Court Reform Commission Shows He Doesn’t Really Want Court Reform
He’s not even asking for recommendations!
Should I Take Tylenol After My COVID Shot? Can I Drink a Beer?
It all comes down to what vaccines actually do.
Black Farmers Get $5 Billion From the COVID Relief Package. Lindsey Graham Slams That as “Reparations.”
For farmers who’ve faced decades of systemic discrimination, the money is long overdue.
National Review Comes Out Against Democracy, Explicitly
As they did during the civil rights era and apartheid, right-wing writers are wondering if it'd be better if some people didn't vote.
R.I.P. Yahoo Answers, the Internet’s Loveliest Source of “Found Comedy”
Used kindly, Yahoo Answers’ wild threads delighted with their humanity.
Taylor Swift’s Fearless Redux Is Both Business Stunt and Conceptual Art
Her first rerecorded album is part nostalgia trip, part Gus Van Sant’s Psycho.
How Scary Is The Empty Man, the Lost Thriller and “Next Great Cult Horror Film”?
Our highly scientific Scaredy Scale helps you determine whether movies are too scary for you.
Dear Care and Feeding: My Teen’s Intense School Anxiety Is Ruining Our Family’s Life
Parenting advice on academic anxiety, scar discussions, and screen time woes.
Amazon Beat the Union Drive in Alabama. Will It Beat the Next One?
The company mounted an aggressive—maybe too aggressive—campaign to stop the effort.
Jamie Dimon Will Let Some Bankers Work From Home, but He Won’t Like It
Whatever your feelings about the future of work, the JPMorgan CEO is here to support your case.
Expert Witness Pinpoints the Exact Moment George Floyd Died Under Chauvin’s Weight
“That is not a fentanyl overdose. That is somebody begging to breathe.”
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Staying Home Gave Some Black Women the Chance to Take Care of Their Own Hair
Between YouTube and thrifty experimentation, women found routines and products that worked for them.
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What It’s Like When a Billionaire Surprises You With $8 Million—No Strings Attached
"I didn't know if it was real."
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What Is What Lies Below, the Horny Sea-Monster Movie That’s No. 1 on Netflix?
The bananas new erotic thriller, explained.
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Why Physicists Are Losing Their Minds Over a Strange New Discovery
Meet the muon: The fat, wobbly, nuisance of a particle that could change how we understand the universe.
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“I’m Not Going to Take This Stuff From Anyone”: A Very New York Response to Anti-Asian Hate
Karlin Chan started the Chinatown Block Watch last February. He’s still at it.
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What if Big Data Helped Judges Decide Exactly What Words Mean?
Corpus linguistics would help courts determine the most frequent usage of a word. But sometimes we don’t get the best wisdom from crowds.
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My Face Is Suddenly Causing a Big Problem in Bed for My Wife
I will seek medical intervention if necessary.
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