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Abcarian: If you can't save money, time and the planet with Uber and Lyft, then what is the point?
Good news for taxi drivers: App-based ride services like Uber and Lyft have failed us miserably.
Op-Ed: Sure, resolve to stage more plays by women. It still won't make up for all we've lost
May the season of the female and nonbinary playwright at Center Theater Group mark a new beginning for women who've continued to write no matter what.
Editorial: 'Forever chemicals' are everywhere. It's time to rein them in
PFAS or "forever chemicals" break down slowly in the environment and have been linked to several negative health effects. It's good that the U.S. EPA is taking steps to regulate them, as California has done.
Letters to the Editor: Common Core, phone addiction and other reasons kids are learning less
Readers suggest reasons for the drop in student test scores, including the adoption of new curriculums and attention spans shorted by technology.
Granderson: Arbery case shows the worst chapter of Georgia's history is current events as well
The defense for three white men relies on a Civil War-era law intended to let white citizens harass and kill Black Americans.
Letters to the Editor: Just how outrageous were Colin Powell's Iraq lies to the U.N.?
A Cold War-era missile engineer explains how unbelievable Colin Powell's remarks to the U.N. Security Council were on Iraq's weapons program.
Editorial: How to handle an anti-vaccine 'stay-at-home' protest against schools
Some parents kept their kids home from school Monday to protest vaccine mandates. The lesson here: There's nothing constructive about harming schools or children's education.
Editorial: What you can do — and what you can't — to deal with California's driest year
Having just concluded its driest year in a century, California can't put all the burden for dealing with dry times on individuals, or resort solely to usage limits.
Jonah Goldberg: The trouble with 'Build Back Better' is no one really wants to pay for it
Democracy isn't helped when voters are led to think that a very small class of people is standing greedily in the way of economic salvation.
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Op-Ed: The U.S. is caught in a foreign policy triangle over Taiwan. Here's how to solve it
To deter armed conflict over Taiwan, the U.S. must make policy changes to deal with an assertive China while counseling Taiwan to act with caution.
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Letters to the Editor: What's the matter with USC? Readers ask again after the Ridley-Thomas indictment
A medical school scandal, an admissions scandal, the George Tyndall coverup and now the Ridley-Thomas indictment: Where does it end for USC?
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Letters to the Editor: Why calls for Mark Ridley-Thomas to resign are unhelpful
Mark Ridley-Thomas deserves to keep his City Council seat while fighting federal charges, says a former longtime L.A. city controller.
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Letters to the Editor: Journalists, start treating the GOP like the bigoted cult it is
The Republican Party is united only by anger and a desire to do whatever Donald Trump wants. This is not a political party.
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Calmes: Powell betrayed his values once. Today's Republicans no longer have values to betray
Colin Powell's career is instructive, not only for his life of service but also for his lapse deferring to hawks in the Bush administration.
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Editorial: Will homeless veterans ever get housing on land set aside for them?
Nothing escapes the bureaucracy of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Its ambitious master plan to create hundreds of units of housing is years behind schedule.
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Op-Ed: Why didn't I learn about disordered eating? My schools failed me
How might I have changed my behavior if I learned about unhealthy eating and period loss in class?
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Op-Ed: Mind your XYZs for those of us with names at the back of the line
Asians have more surnames that start with letters near the end of the alphabet. That can be a real disadvantage.
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